2018 - 2019 C4A OFFICERS



Diane Kaljian  President  
Pam Miller  Vice President
Cynthia D. Banks  Vice President
Elise Vigil  Secretary
Tracy Murray  Treasurer
Clay Kempf  Co-chair Legislative Committee
Victoria Jump  Co-chair Legislative Committee
Joe Cobery  Immediate Past President
Shireen McSpadden n4a Alternate Delegate



Executive Committee
The Executive Committee acts on matters of concern to the Association that requires attention and action between meetings of the membership and identifies issues to be brought to the membership for discussion and action.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee presents a slate of officers for election at the annual meeting of the membership in November, and selects recipients for recognition by the Association.

Legislative & Budget Committee
The purpose of the Legislative and Budget Subcommittee is to review pertinent legislation and budgetary issues affecting older adults, their caregivers and the Association.


Established As Needed



         Derrell Kelch    Executive Director       
              Chania A. Brodie  Executive Assistant




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